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Steve Ellis – Executive Director
29 New Rhododendron, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(919) 924-2342

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  1. I have Israel on my bucket list, but cant find a trip that I can afford. I was curious about your trip and if there was a single woman needing a roommate? Thank you!

  2. Steve, My name is Michael Coggin. I met you several weeks ago attending a men’s bible study with my father-in-law Barron Housel. I greatly enjoyed your talk and your use of the story of Charles Templeton and his interview with Lee Strobel. I was hoping to teach a class at our church in Hendersonville, NC. The class will be called Honest Doubt: Common Objections to the Christian Faith. I was wondering if you could direct me to the audio with subtitles of the exchange between Templeton and Strobel that you used in your presentation. Thank you again for your faithful service and any help would be greatly appreciated. In Christ- Michael Coggin

  3. GM Steve,

    Sandra and I would like to know a good source of truth to find out about the “rapture”. Hank Hannaagraff (Bible Answer Man) doesn’t believe in it and I don’t think Mike Lee does either. The question came up in our small group last night

  4. Steve … If you want, you can send me last weeks slides (pdf preferably, powerpoint would also be ok) and i’ll post them under Guests on Jim’s website. You can do the same for this week’s lesson if you’d like. … Joe Alvarez … 9/23/16

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