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  • Quest is a 501(C)(3) non-profit para-church organization founded in February, 2000 in Raleigh, NC. It’s goals are to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals who are far from a relationship with God through a highly-relational, grace-filled, apologetics-based format.
  • Quest also equips Christians and local churches to better reach their sphere of influence.
  • Our mission statement – “Creating Safe Environments for Searching Answers for Life’s Tough Questions”

What does Quest provide?

  • Quest meets with individuals away from church to provide a casual, often fun context to explore the Christian life. These meetings occur at homes, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, golf courses, fishing spots and anywhere else the individual feels safe to discuss God and life issues.
  • Quest offers training for and leads Open Forums – a four week discussion series where non-Christians come to discuss their difficulties with Christianity, the Bible, the Church and God.
  • Quest provides a variety of training for local churches to help Christians maximize their evangelistic quotient.

How is Quest funded?

  • Quest is funded entirely through tax-free donations made by individuals, churches and businesses.

How is Quest managed?

  • Quest is run by an Executive Director – Steve Ellis – under the guidance of a local Board of Directors.

Who is Steve Ellis?

  • Steve was born (1955) and raised in North Carolina.
  • He has been married to Myra since 1979, has a son Josh and daughter Melissa and five grandchildren.
  • He has a B.S. Accounting (1978) from The University of North Carolina and a Masters of Divinity (1983) from The Divinity School at Duke University
  • Steve Ellis was a pastor for over twenty years before beginning this relational ministry in 2000.
  • Having now served in five different churches, Steve has trained hundreds of laypersons for evangelism.
  • With a business and computer background, he relates well to the businessman in the modern workplace.
  • As graduate of both UNC and Duke, Steve knows and loves the Triangle and its people.

Steve is committed to equipping adults for a lifestyle of ministry. He believes that lifestyle or relational evangelism holds the greatest potential for reaching those who need Christ. This is Quest’s drive and distinctiveness: linking, loving and leading others to Christ. With a business and pastoral background, training in varied models of outreach and discipleship, sports involvement and a fun loving spirit, Steve seeks to be used of God to serve the RTP area for the purpose of the depopulating of hell and the populating of heaven.

Quest is all about leading long-term, lost people to Christ through loving, long-term, relationships.

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  1. Steve

    Please give me a call or email with a phone number where I can reach you.
    I would like to invite you to come back and teach my SS class at Chapel Hill Bible Church on the first two weeks in July of this year.


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