Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson – Director at Zoweh Ministries
“Steve Ellis is good guide for the spiritual journey men and women find themselves on. I recommend Steve to anyone looking for answers to tough questions and those wanting to explore more about God and how to know and enjoy a relationship with Him.”

Mark Bowers – President, Owner & Senior Scientist at Secaps Environmental Inc.
“Through sharing of his personal experiences and in-depth mastery of apologetics, Steve Ellis with Quest Ministries is one of the most effective communicators for Christ I have had the privilege of knowing. His unassuming, non-confrontational and relatable approaches to conveying the underlying truths, ‘real life’ implications and eternal benefits of the Christian walk find traction with long-time ‘church goers’, new believers and hardened skeptics alike.”

Victor WattsVictor Watts – COO / EVP Sales & Marketing at Toast Mobile, Inc.
“I have had the incredible good fortune to get to know Steve as a pastor, a friend and now as the Executive Director at Quest Ministries. It is such a pleasure to know and interact with a strong Christian leader that has solid intellectual grounds for his faith. As a business leader and a Christian, I know that I can always count on Steve to listen, support and tailor solutions that help me address not only my business needs, but my personal ones as well.  I am a firm supporter of his ministry and recommend Steve to any business executive who is seeking spiritual, intellectual and inspirational guidance.”

David Watson – Staff Hardware Engineer at QualcommDavid Watson
“I have known Steve for about 5 years and in that time I have rarely witnessed anyone with such a heart and passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially with those who may be agnostic or atheist. I consider it an honor to be able to support Steve’s work at Quest Ministries in his mission to reach those in the triangle seeking answers to difficult questions, spiritual guidance, or a personal relationship with Christ.”

Mark HefnerMark Hefner – Chief Executive Officer at Infina Connect
“Steve is a man of passion and integrity, who gladly helps others and seeks to build lasting friendships. He drove the launch of a new ministry at Hope Community Church with which I was involved, and I found Steve to be insightful as to our mission and approach, and a great teacher and leader for the group. I have witnessed the enduring commitment he has to reach out beyond traditional boundaries and build relationships throughout the community. Many people have Steve to thank for bringing significant light into their lives, myself among them.”

Janet Stowe – CFO at Cashless Systems, Inc.
“I know Steve through his work as as Pastor and teacher at Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC. He is of strong faith and character, and ethic. I would say that Steve is more of a leader than a follower and he puts all of his energy and stamina into Quest Ministries. He has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Bible and a great passion to share this knowledge with others. I can tell you, without hesitation, that Steve has a tremendous work ethic, a positive attitude, and has a global vision for generating great growth for Quest Ministries.”

Marc KawanishiMarc Kawanishi  – C-Level Executive: Broadcast & Multimedia
“Steve Ellis is a man whose driven convictions supercede desires for comfort and simplicity. Think about that, isn’t that refreshing in today’s world? Here’s a man willing to do what is right under any circumstance. You’ll also find that he’s a man of fortitude. After an Ivy League seminary education he followed the path into ministry where he gained powerful, practical, first hand knowledge of how life really works. Many consider him a “pastor’s pastor.” So go ahead, ask him the tough questions. He will have the right answer.”

Rich Styles – Host/Producer Back9Boys.comRich
“Steve has helped me in growing my faith. I was in a bible study with Steve for 5 years, it brought me closer to God and helped, as a new Christian, understand how to build upon my faith. Steve’s knowledge is unbelievable and wide spread, he conversational approach works well. I would recommend Steve and Quest Ministries to anyone. I believe in Steve.”

Rob CraigRob Craig – Founder at The Runner’s Camp
“I love Steve Ellis and his passion to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ. I wholeheartedly endorse his work through Quest Ministries.”