Thanks for taking time to visit our website! I hope that you will find helpful information and needed inspiration as you browse these pages. Quest exists to create safe environments for searching answers for life’s tough questions and I hope this website is a small part of that. May you find what you are searching for and please call on Quest should you desire help to find it.

While your browsing, let me invite you to take a look at our Tough Questions page where you can find short videos that answer the tough questions people raise about God, the Bible, Christianity and other controversial issues. Normally, this material is taught in our “I’m Glad You Asked” course, but these online videos will give you a concise summary of that material. If you are a note taker and would like to download the class study notes, just click HERE. Then, you can fill in the blanks while viewing the video.

And be sure to check out the Bible Studies page and the 33-part Life of Christ Study by Ed Diaz. Here you will find a comprehensive, chronological study of Jesus’ life that explains the 1st century Jewish background He faced. These sessions will teach you more about Christ than you have ever heard! Also, a 17-part video series on the Book of Revelation by Ed Diaz in now in production. The sessions that are completed are now available!

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Steve Ellis
Executive Director – Quest